Youtube videos kids love to watch

Youtube videos kids love to watch
by Josh Fishy - 11/2/2015

As kids, we loved to play outdoors with peers running around the house, play hide and seek, and all that. But at the advent of information age, things have changed in every way that today's children spend more time in front of their gadgets playing computer games or watching their favorite videos.

While there are disadvantages in things that have kept kids nowadays busy, it's still worth it to look on the bright side of today's generation's pastime.

So we give you a list of videos that kids and kids at heart love to watch on Youtube.
  • Barbie videos - Girls and kids with girlish attitude love Barbie that they want all their belongings to have the picture of this doll on them.
  • Masha and the Bear - Though the language spoken doesn't make any sense to non-Russian kids, this animated television series has always been a hit outside its place of origin.
  • Tutitu - is a 3D animation series that toddlers and kids ages 5 and below love to watch for hours over the day. The video features objects of different colors that move and form into another object like playground, helicopter, boat, etc.
  • Nursery rhymes - Songs captivates the attention of any kid and nursery rhymes do just that. One of the most popular nursery rhymes that parents want their kids to watch and learn is the alphabet song.


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