What the government should do with tanim-bala scam

What the PH government should do with tanim-bala scam
by Josh Fishy - 11/6/2015

While it has not been proven that NAIA personnel are responsible for the so-called tanim-bala (bullet-planting) scam, it is plain to see that something is not quite right.

A number of travelers had been taken into custody that eventually ruined not just their day but their life after NAIA security officials found a bullet inside their luggage.

While passengers are in a stew about the incident that they wrap their bags completely with masking tape when traveling through this infamous terminal, there has been no reported investigation to shed light on this alleged fraudulent scheme.

But whether or not the fraud certainly takes place, the Philippine government should get to the bottom of this. The highest authority should get involved and must come down on like a ton of bricks once the culprit is identified.

Time and again, this hullabaloo has put the Philippines on the map that prospective tourists would shy away from visiting the country thinking that all airports nationwide have been practicing the same thing. If this continues without any course of action taken, the country's tourism will suffer considerably.


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