What does it mean to the world when Aisa Mijeno's invention is scaled up?

What does it mean to the world when Aisa Mijeno's invention is scaled up?
Josh Fishy 11/20/2015

Amidst the issue on global warming, a the call for unity among world leaders to keep climate change in check is getting louder. Obviously, head of states are doing their part to keep life as we know it surviving till the laws of science could allow. Also, ordinary citizens have not turned a blind eye to what may befall us if nobody acts now.

Aisa Mijeno, a Filipina scientist who has invented a lamp that runs on saltwater, envisions that her sustainable alternative light source could come to our rescue. If mass-produced, her discovery would give hope to our dying Earth and make a difference in millions of people who don't have access to electricity.

Humans are like viruses feeding on world's natural resources that if the destruction we cause is not kept in check, everything that has been devastated is irreversible. As a matter of fact, there have been places that are permanently ruined because of our need to survive or to bring in tons of money.

With alternative sources of energy such as the seawater-powered lamp, our demands for electricity, which is mostly taken from the planet's limited resources, would decrease. For sure, Mother Earth could breath a sigh of relief after the burden we have been putting on her back since the inception of industrialization.

But do people who own companies that thrive on the dwindling nature's finite reserves allow the presence of this energy source in the market? Rumors have it that giant oil firms prevented the birth of water-run engines. We know what does it mean to them if people turn to using alternative source of energy. We hope that as the development of this innovation takes steps, nothing will stand in its way.

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  1. Oil companies hate any invention that might bring their business to its knees.