Ways to Stay Away from Drugs

Ways to Stay Away from Drugs
Josh Fishy | 11-29-2015

The world has been plagued by drug abuse for almost a hundred year now. And ever since the problem started, the number of illegal drug users has been soaring at dizzying heights.

Ways to Stay Away from Drugs

These days, drug addiction is rampant in almost all countries in the world despite the measures taken by the authorities to keep our society drug-free.

With or without the government doing its part to combat this perennial societal problem, staying away from illegal drugs is easier to do than what we think.

To those who are on the brink of falling into the pit of drug addiction or those who don't want to run into it at all, give these simple tips to stay away from drugs a try.
  1. Choose the right friends. Our friends usually influence our behavior, and in worst cases, they're the ones who put ideas into our head on using illegal drugs. So, picking the right buddies guarantee you to stay drug-free for as long as you want.
  2. Heed parents' advice. Parents always want their sons and daughters to be good individuals that is why they have to instill the do's and don'ts over and over in their children. Most likely, opposing them means you choose to go the wrong way.
  3. Be brave enough to say no. It's hard to find the right friends these days, and in case a chum of yours gets hooked on drugs and invites you to join in, don't be a person who can't make a decision on his own. Be fearless to say no.
  4. Participate in a meaningful organization. Being with people of good common interest helps you stay out of the wrong path and at the same time makes you become responsible in life.
  5. Stay closer to God. When you keep your distance from God, you're likely to commit evil things, and taking illegal drugs is no exception. But staying closer to Him makes miracle as well as brings blessings to your life.
  6. Keep an inspiration in life. Leading a life with no inspiration is like being in a ship sailing in no direction. There must be something you dream to be with in the future otherwise all you want to become is to get stuck in a purposeless life.
  7. Get into sports. This is one of the ways every government wants a person to get involved in to avoid drug addiction. Participating in a sport that fits your skill doesn't only keep you from using drugs but also improve your mind to decide what is best for you.
  8. Don't spoil yourselves with money. When you can get anything you want, there's a chance that nothing can excite you anymore, except, of course, for something you haven't gotten your hands on. And taking illegal drugs could give you the excitement you have missed to feel. 

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