Most Exciting Things to do during Christmas Season

Exciting Things to do during Christmas Season
Josh Fishy 11/14/2015

Time and again, Christmas is in the air, a time of year both kids and adults look forward to come.

In the Philippines, as early as September, TV and radio stations kick off a countdown to the day Jesus was born, while people start talking about things to do during this season.

Exciting things to do this Christmas Season

And speaking of what to do, there seems to be no end of the things that may fill your holidays in most exciting ways. So, we give you the most de-stressing ways to spend your Christmas season.
  1. Shop for Christmas decorations. - Buying Christmas decorations doesn't mean it has to cost an arm and a leg to the point that it stresses you out in the process. 
  2. Adorn your house with Christmas decors. - With Christmas tree and lanterns you bought, embellish your abode in a way that suits your fancy.
  3. Go around sightseeing different places. - The city you used to visit may not look the same during the holiday season. Even the idea of dropping by there may enkindle a feeling of joy.
  4. Visit loved ones back home. - This is what most people usually do during long weekends, especially this time of year. No gift beats the feeling to see your loved ones in person and spend the rest of the holidays with them.
  5. Buy gifts for everyone that matters to you. - There may be individuals who steer clear of doing it, but Christmas is the time of gift-giving that brings out real happiness from a person no matter how small he receives.
  6. Prepare foods for noche buena. - Preparing something to eat during noche buena is one of the main features of this celebration that Christmas may be incomplete without the foodstuffs on the table.
  7. Attend dawn mass. - Of course, let's not forget the centerpiece of the celebration which is the birth of Jesus Christ. In the Philippines, people flock to the church at the break of dawn to attend misa de gallo or dawn mass to pay homage to God.


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