Justice for Victims of Paris Attacks

Justice for Victims of Paris Attacks
Josh Fishy 11/17/2015

Justice for Paris attacks

In this time of grieving following the terror attacks in Paris, France and the loss of more than a hundred of lives, it's only fitting for every nation to make a common cause to bring all the extremists to justice.

Not only the suspects of this act of terrorism, but also all groups, who put every innocent life in danger, should be nipped in the bud before they could spell havoc in places nobody knows where and certainly nobody can predict when.

If countries work together, what lies ahead us as a group of people will be made different. But, if we only put our back into this because the incident is fresh and what everyone wants is justice, then nothing is going to change.

As long as we know a terrorist group exists, and whether or not it harms a human being, the country concerned should exhaust all means to prevent it from growing. And if possible, wipe it off the face of the earth.

All victims, especially those who died in the hands of those ruthless fellow humans, have a family of their own, have loved ones waiting back home, or have plans for them and for their family in the future, but all of a sudden they're all gone.

It's high time to get the most sought-after dream of all which is justice, and give it to those who need it the most. Give it to all departed souls whose lives could have been teeming with hopes and dreams, if selfishness and cruelty had not been in control of some of our fellows' minds.


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