How to Win the Heart of the Person You Love

How to Win the Heart of the Person You Love
Josh Fishy | 11-28-2015

Falling in love is such an inexplicable yet wonderful feeling we all go through at some point in our lives. This experience brings us a mixture of joy and hope as well as pain and frustration. But while we want to be happy, sometimes things just don't go as we want them to.


But giving up hope after the one we love doesn't seem to feel the way we do is cowardly. Not unless our pursuit has come to the point that we are making life hard for the person we want to be happy.

Before we lay down our arms, let's try these pieces of advice that you may not have tried or heard of.
  1. Don't give the impression of being in a hurry. Even though we're living in an instant world so that we get used to getting anything in short time, the love of a person takes time to flourish and being in a rush may imply that you're not serious about getting into a relationship.
  2. Be kind to everyone around. We tend to get attracted to a person with a good heart. And knowing that you keep or make a healthy relationship with other people, the one you dear a lot may think that building one with you is worth a try.
  3. Make every effort to show your love. The time you spend and the effort you make in winning the heart of the person you love matter a lot. If done in a way that is acceptable or appropriate, your endeavor isn't likely to go down the drain.
  4. Prove that you mean what you say. That four-letter word or three-word phrase is sometimes said without sincerity and many of us don't want to fall into its trap. The term "I love you" should come with actions, the ones that define your feeling.
  5. Dress well as a man or woman. Dressing in a way that makes you look great - pretty or handsome - assuredly captivates everybody while being unkempt even in public places is not so much to look at.
  6. Be the one to make the first move. For women, waiting for the guy to make the first move is old-school particularly in non-conservative countries. But if doing so is socially and morally inappropriate in your place, keep in mind that it pays to wait.
  7. Try to get a job first. With regards to adults, being employed or self-employed is no doubt a plus factor. This means that the guy or the girl can be sure of a prosperous relationship in case you both want to go beyond dating.
  8. Do you best in school. We all go through the "puppy love" stage more than once in high school or even in college. Though it mostly lasts a month or two, this feeling still hurts if unrequited. But by excelling in school, every student around who knows you might not have second thoughts before saying he or she loves you too.
  9. Try reverse psychology. We all have the tendency to not to know the importance of a person until he or she's gone. If after all you have done nothing seems to work, try calling it quits. And you may notice that the person you're courting misses the water in the well that runs dry.
  10. Cut your wooing short once and for all. This means that the both of you are not meant to be, and you better look for someone else who can love you in return. You may be wasting your time seeking the love which belongs to another person. This is not an advice to win the heart of a person, but this is for your own good. Seek the love you deserve.


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