Fighting off infections without taking medications

Fighting off infections without taking medications
Josh Fishy | 11-26-2015

Taking the doctor's prescription for granted or improperly self-medicating, especially when dealing with an infectious disease, has given rise to the soaring number of patients with drug-resistant bacteria in their system.

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Health departments of countries confronting cases like this have to confirm that some antibiotics on the market today are of no use to kill what was then a vulnerable type of microorganism.

Sometimes we are panic-stricken when we feel under the weather and have the tendency to self-medicate with over-the-counter drugs that we can lay our hands on. However, without the proper advise from an expert, we may be doing this to harm ourselves even more.

There are cases, however, that by going natural or refraining from taking synthetic drugs, we are giving our body the healing it needs, even when coping with infectious diseases.

The following scenarios and their respective reliefs may be suitable to people who seek out the alternative cure to their malady or those who are damn enough to stop their medication before the seven-day course of treatment is over.

Common cold

At times, if we catch a cold, we take an over-the-counter antibacterial medicine without the knowledge that this infectious disease is caused by certain types of virus. Any viral infection is something that antibiotics can't do anything about, instead we are giving the infection to spread further by weakening our body's defenses.

Since viruses can hardly be controlled unless our immune system is well-fortified, going natural may be right for you. By getting enough rest and hydration plus eating the proper amount of nutrient-dense foods, viruses have no place harboring inside your flesh and organs.

Foods that are packed with the needed nutrients are fruits and vegetables. Choosing the ones with high Vitamin C content is the exact thing to do for those suffering from this type of viral infection.

Minor wounds

Superficial wounds such as scrape or bruise don't have to be taken to a clinic for treatment. First aid remedies will do as long as proper application and handling are observed, and let our immune system do the rest of the job.

Bacteria have the ability to mutate or change its appearance and mechanism for invading our body in order to conquer those they once had a fight with but failed to vanquish them. This is what usually happens if the doctor's prescription isn't seriously followed. So the antibacterial medicine you took a couple of weeks ago may no longer work the moment you take it for the same infection.

Don't worry though. Nature has everything we need - from the foods we eat to the remedy of myriad types of diseases. As long as we believe that nature can do magic in our health, we can be certain that the onslaught of disease-causing microorganisms is kept in check.

Ordinary coughs

If doctor's prescription don't seem to give you the relief you want, try letting your own little doctor inside you do the job. 

This doesn't mean that giving up on taking drugs, we could easily deter infections from spreading. Our immune system is like an army of good bacteria that communicate with one another in a very precise and orderly passion. That is why we have to help ourselves by taking nutritious foods, or else their coordination is interrupted or some of them may be running out of strength.

To boost our body's defenses, we have to eat the right amount of foods rich in vitamins and minerals. It is recommended to get these nutrients from nature such as fruits and vegetables and unprocessed and organic meat.

Low fever caused by minor infection

If we feel our body's temperature is a little above than normal, we usually take paracetamol. But did you know that fever is one of our body's natural responses to keep invading microorganisms under control?

Bacteria and viruses can hardly survive in a high temperature environment, and the heat produced by our body when it sensed foreign matters infecting its cells are enough to get rid of them.

It's proven that water can bring down body temperature on top of its effort to flushing microbes and toxins out. And since our body is composed mainly of water which diminishes when our we are ill, drinking plenty of water is highly advised.


  1. That's very true. We can fight infections even without taking those expensive and side effects laden medicines. But for major infections, it's hard to compromise.

    1. Why should I take the risk. When I have an infection, I always make a trip to the doctor. It's better to be certain than relying on something that has yet to be proven.

    2. What are written here are just pieces of advice for those who suffer from minor infections. See for example you have a gunshot wound, do you think our body's natural defenses could still keep us safe?

  2. We can actually teach our body to defend itself from certain types of infections.

  3. Nice article! I used to depend on antibiotics when I have a cough, but it keeps coming back. When I stopped taking what my doctor had been prescribing me and switched to eating fruits rich in Vitamin C, I have seen the cure I need.

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