Are we alone in this depth of space?

Are we alone in this depth of space?
Josh Fish | 11-24-2015

Numerous dubious people have asked if life as we know it only exists in the place called Earth. With the modern technologies scientists have invented to search out for the answer to their query, the exact answer is still uncertain. However, given the vast reaches of outer space, my answer is no. We are not alone.

Modern science has been moving heaven and earth to get the definitive answer to mysteries that baffle inquisitive humans, but to no avail. And despite this failure, the universe certainly holds a myriad of stories on uncharted places that are yet to be explored in the years to come. One of these exciting accounts could be those places are teeming with life.

The universe is so wide and deep to be empty with any other life forms except for those found on Earth. In fact, if one would travel across the cosmos for the duration of his lifetime multiplied into a billion fold, he could not be able to reach the edge or the bottom of this space, least halfway there.
If there’s no way for us to discover other forms of life outside earth or the nearest possible places reachable by high-tech equipment to date , then nobody in the right position to say we’re alone.

We must be so special to be the sole inhabitants in this seemingly infinite space. But obviously, we are not that special. We are like destructive organisms slowly devouring our host to its extinction. And so, being the only intelligent species in this depth of space is preposterous.

One day, if that day ever comes, we would come to realize that life as we know it isn't any longer the life we used to think the only possible one to exist. We live primarily on water and oxygen, but there could be other living things that thrive on a very unlikely kind of matter which could cause our life the minute we feed on it.

There have been claims that we got visitors from other planets that some of them are living with us dressing up like humans. But I won’t buy that idea for I want some proofs. Claim and discovery are two different things that the former is a word only the claimant know about what he saw while the latter has the evidence for other to see, verify, and believe.

Scientists have given us a time frame that within our lifetime life outside Earth is soon to be discovered. And by the time they do, earthlings would have cousins to pay a visit if they have the resources to travel across the vastness of space.

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  1. Nice article. Certainly we have cousins out there, but getting to know them isn't going to happen very soon.