15 days of Darkness is a hoax

15 days of Darkness is a hoax
by Josh Fishy - 11/5/2015

Another chilling news regarding the 15 days of darkness Earth will experience this November 15 to 29 is spreading around the internet like wildfire.

What makes it sound credible is that NASA has reportedly confirmed it to take place as a result of astronomical event between Venus and Jupiter.

But just recently a personnel from this space agency denied the claim of the adherents that there will be a total 15-day darkness.

While it has been refuted, some naive individuals still believe it so and that they are already out of their mind preparing for what they think an apocalypse closing in.

A certain Ricardo, 58 years old in the Philippines, firmly believes that the end of the world is on the horizon. He said that given the recent natural disasters happening in different corners of the world, not to mention the chaos created by humans, humanity is going to cease to exist.

Being a confirmed bachelor, Ricardo gets himself ready by laying in ready-to-eat foods in his pantry. He also has his couple of flashlights and battery packs ready just in case power failure comes.


  1. Where is the 15 days of darkness?

    1. Are you one of those who believe it?