Why November 2 should be declared non-working holiday in PH

Why November 2 should be declared a non-working holiday in PH
by Josh Fishy - 11/01/2015

November 2 in the Philippines used to be a non-working holiday for the greater number of its population, particularly for the Christian community. Different administration, however, has its own take on the celebration of All Souls Day that at the present time Filipinos are going to get back to work on Monday.

While the present administration has declared November 2 a working holiday, most Filipinos want the president to give it a second thought because of reasons that have their origins in Christian tradition and of grounds that should be taken into account.

  • Majority of the Filipinos regard November 2 as a red-letter day. As a matter of fact, cemeteries nationwide are still filled to capacity that it's pointless not to suspend classes and office works on this day because students, teachers, and any other employees are still spending this once a year occasion with their loved ones.
  • Some Christian denominations don't believe in saints but it goes without saying that they remember their beloveds who have passed away. In other words, a greater part of the Christian sects, which comprise more than 90% of the Filipinos, observe All Souls Day.
  • Philippines is one of the world's largest catholic nations that it is only fitting to honor what the majority has been practicing for thousands of years.
  • The present administration recognizes the presence of other Christian denominations and religions that it always declares a nationwide non-working holiday for their respective religious events. If the president respects their faith, he should have done the same with Christians' as well.
  • Many Filipinos would have to take their leave from work on November 2 for reasons beyond their control. A lot of Filipinos are going to go back to their respective provinces to commemorate All Souls Day and some of them have to travel far that going back to work the next day would ruin the quality of their visit to their loved ones.


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