Imaginary creatures that haunt our nights during the day of the dead

Imaginary creatures that haunt our nights during the day of the dead
by Josh Fishy - 10/28/2015

As kids, we were scared to death when we heard stories about ghosts haunting an old house or dead bodies who rose from the grave and walked down the streets looking for victims along their way.

But as we reach adulthood, the fear slowly vanish that we simply laugh at any idea of eerie accounts we hear. There are individuals, however, who find it hard to overcome this feeling that they still tremble like a child at the mere mention of the word apparition.

As some parts of the world are going to celebrate Halloween and All Souls Day , it is only fitting to bring up hair-raising tales that make children and some adults alike cringe.

So, we give you a list of some of those imaginary beings that we don't want to come face to face with during the witching hour.
  • The spirit of an individual who met his untimely death. If someone were murdered, his soul would haunt the place where the incident happened. If your house once had a grim past like this, keep your eyes out during this time of the year for it would fill your mind to the brim.
  • A lady in white who stays afloat in mid-air. Your house may be the abode of this spooky being and it may be high time to let herself introduced to you. So be careful when you turn those lights off because it is in darkness where she finds comfort staying around.
  • A crying newborn who seems to be asking for help but transforms himself into a grotesque-looking infant as soon as the finder holds him in his arms. If you hear a baby whimpering in the bush, never attempt to get close to where sound comes from.


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